A SPORT masseuse who gate-crashed a house party and threatened revellers with nunchucks and a meat cleaver was today jailed for two years.

The court heard Josh Moy smashed down the front door and burst into the house whilst the party was in full swing, armed with two weapons.

He shouted the name of one of the guests and searched every room of the house for him, threatening anyone who got in his way.

When Moy, 21, was stopped by a party-goer from heading upstairs where Stephen White - with whom he had a long-standing dispute - was with friends, he lashed out with the meat clever.

A judge heard that a girl was cut on the hand as Moy waved the blade around in a fit of rage.

He eventually left when police were called and was later charged with two counts of possession of an offensive weapon, common assault and criminal damage.

Moy, of Elizabeth Avenue, Little Chalfont., admitted causing criminal damage but denied the three other counts but he was found guilty by a jury last month.

Today he was sentenced to two years in prison for the incident in Amersham on January 14.

Mr Recorder Andrew Wright said: "You attended the address of Simon White who was with his brother Stephen and some friends who were celebrating his birthday.

"There had been some animosity between you and Stephen White for some time. You gained entry to the house and while shouting for Mr White, you kicked the door and damaged it in the process.

"Once you got into the premises you produced nunchucks and a meat clever which you had on you and in your possession in a public place, immediately prior to you getting to the house.

"Once inside the premises you were prevented from going upstairs where Stephen was. You started to wave the meat clever around, waving it in such a way there was contact with somebody.

"You came with these weapons with the purpose of not just to frighten but to cause injury.”

Moy was sentenced to 24 months for two counts of possession of an offensive weapon, three months for one count of common assault and one month for one count of criminal damage.

These will all run concurrently, with a total sentence of 24 months.