THERMAL imaging cameras are being used by an environmental group to tell householders how energy efficient their homes are.

Transition Town Marlow, a voluntary organisation, is undertaking the project throughout this Winter.

It began the scheme on Friday, using a device supplied by Wycombe District Council, which has trained volunteers.

Pictures are taken of the property from outside and these show up parts of the building where energy may be getting out.

Liz Lorente, 52, of Oak Tree Road, Marlow, one of TTM's directors, is heading the project.

“The camera shows where heat is escaping, it will show up, for example, if there's an area of cavity insulation that has sunk down and there's a hot spot on top or if the wall insulation has become patchy,” she told the Marlow Free Press.

“Windows are normally the hottest point. Another interesting point we saw on Friday is that front doors were really hot and hallways too.”

Areas which are hot are shown up in white and yellow on the images, while purple and blue is cool and black is colder.

The idea is all about preserving energy and saving cash.

“If you have less heat escaping you will save yourself money,” Liz said.

“There are some simple things like putting up thicker curtains, or just closing the curtains, which can help preserve heat, not necessarily expensive things.”

The cameras can only be used in the dark and in certain conditions.

Liz said: “We can only take pictures when its less than ten degrees Celsius.

“You can't take it when it rains either, because it affects the heat loss from the house, plus the camera can't get wet.”

27 people have signed up so far and the organisation hopes a lot more will get involved.

The group also want more volunteers to take pictures.

Email to find out more.

Anyone wishing to save more energy can contact WDC about obtaining a grant for lower cost insulation.

Residents aged 70 or above may be eligible for free insulation.

Call 0800 80 48 777 or visit for more details.