I AM disgusted that Beaconsfield High School continues to attempt to clear their debts by selling off land for houses. Can they not see the dangers of placing four houses at the top of a school?

It not only defies belief in terms of safeguarding their own pupils and children of Butler's Court (both physical building site danger and the risk of goodness-knows-who moving into the houses), but also because people will be free to buy the home and rent it out for however short a period they please, allowing families to claim an address in the catchment area, get their child into the good local schools and quickly move on, stripping someone living further into the catchment area of their rightful school place.

Beaconsfield does not need another eyesore causing havoc on already overcrowded roads.

I hope other Bucks residents will join me in contacting Bucks County Council to strongly oppose this outrageous proposition.

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