A BUTLER was on hand to serve up delicious cakes and afternoon tea as Marlovians remembered young meningitis victim Harry Mills on Monday.

Clothes store Gatsby on West Street held a special afternoon fundraiser in memory of the 11 year-old Spinfield School pupil who died in 2007.

Andrew Dixon, the Butler on the day gave his time free, as he served townsfolk including Mayor Jocelyn Towns.

Harry's father Richard Mills, of Institute Road, Marlow, said: “It was a nice day and it's very pleasing the great support from everybody.

“It's fantastic that after five years people still remember him.”

In December Mr Mills met leading athlete - Jason Gardener – an Olympic gold medal winner when he helped present an award in connection with the Youth Sports Trust.

Young sportswoman Claire Brown won the Harry Mills Team Maker award.

The Youth Sports Trust has been one of the major recipients of money raised for Harry Mills since the family set up his charity.

A statement from the trust said: “The generous donations we have received in memory of Harry Mills will go a long way in helping us do what we passionately believe, which is to use the power of sport to improve the lives of young people.

“Thank you to the Mills family for their support, and everyone else who has kindly donated to the Youth Sport Trust in memory of Harry.

"This will help us build a brighter future for young people through sport, and make a real difference to the lives of young people.”