SNOW is 'not impossible' next week in Buckinghamshire, a forecaster says, with temperatures set to fall significantly.

But nobody should be getting out their sledges or preparing to build snowmen, with the chances of anything more than a flake or two rated extremely thin.

Some parts of the UK, particularly northern areas, are expected to see sleet or snowfall, with a winter feel returning.

Warm weather this week will have disappeared by Monday, with temperatures in Bucks dropping by about ten degrees Celsius, according to Hazlemere based British Weather Services.

Senior forecaster Adrian Crocker said: “It's going to be significantly colder than it was this week, you're talking about a drop of at least ten degrees Celsius early next week.

“That's the main feature. It's going to be noticeably colder. Relative to what's it been, it's going to be grim.

“There'll be overnight frosts, so it's a complete change.

“There's still not going to be much in the way of rainfall on the horizon, there'll be some bits and pieces of rain next week. It's still essentially settled.”

Snow is forecast to fall in some parts of Britain and asked if this could happen in Bucks, he said: “It's not impossible, it's not going to be a major feature though.

“The charts are such that, if you get some precipitation at the end of next week, you wouldn't rule out a wet flake but it's not going to be a significant feature at all.”

Easter looks set to be mixed with some possible sunshine.