BOXING legend Evander Holyfield famously once said "it’s not the size of the man but the size of the man’s heart that matters" - but visitors to one Wycombe restaurant will also need a huge appetite.

Because in the red corner, weighing in at 72 ounces and originally from Texas in the United States of America, is Mom’s Diner’s monster steak challenge.

And in the blue corner, any hungry competitor who dare try to devour the phonebook-sized steak and four side dishes - fries, coleslaw, a bread roll and salad - in just 60 minutes.

Victorious eaters will have their photo plastered on the Queen’s Square eatery’s wall of fame and also get their titanic meal free.

But if you fail, not only are you in a world of digestive pain, but you have to fork out the £49.99 price tag.

And despite a number of valiant attempts, no-one is yet to beat the heavyweight steak, which added Matt Sears to its list of victims (video below by BNU student Nick Loizou).

Three more brave souls will face the steak on Monday, as word of the challenge and the popularity of TV show Man vs Food spreads.

Mom’s Diner manager Steve Brown said: "We’re trying to find someone who can do it.

"We’ve had seven or eight people attempt it so far and we have one guy in training, he has been in training for a good two months and is up to about 35oz and fries so far and is in good time.

"People tend to be surprised at how big it is. One guy was really confident until we brought out the steak and his face just dropped. I think when he got 15oz through it, he quit.

"The closest we’ve come is one guy had three bites left, he couldn’t eat any more but strangely ten minutes later he ordered pancakes!"

If you think you can slay the meat Goliath, contact Mom’s Diner on 01494 257011. The restaurant needs two days to prepare the challenge.

The 72oz steak challenge - a factfile:

Originating from Amarillo, Texas, the challenge was dreamt up in the 1960s by R.J. "Bob" Lee - founder of The Big Texan Steak Ranch.

Almost 9,000 people have wolfed down the The Big Texan over fifty years, yet tens of thousands have attempted the world famous contest.

The world record for destroying the steak stands at under nine minutes.

An 11-year-old boy and a 69-year-old woman are among the people to have climbed the steak mountain.