FOR more than a decade Frank Calam has been looking for his missing film footage of the morning aliens visited Chalfont St Peter.

Waking at 4am for a shift for his then job as a lorry driver he says he saw a bright orange glow coming from a ship shaped like a cup and saucer in the sky over the village.

Frank says he captured the UFO's movements through the early morning sky on his video camera - but he lent the film to someone who then disappeared with it, never to be seen again.

Now all these years later 80-year-old Frank is appealing for help to find the footage of his close encounter again.

He said: "I've been wondering where I might find him. He has my film and he probably made a mint out of it. I've been looking for him and I want to catch up with him."

Frank says he took his film to a shop and lent it to a member of staff, who promptly disappeared with it.

He said: "I had it all on film. The bloke looked at it and was taking pictures of it with a camera he had. When he'd finished he asked if he could borrow it. Like a fool I said yes and I never saw him again."

Frank described the alien spaceship as "exactly like a plate and cup sitting on top".

It initially hovered in the sky before dropping down and rising back up again, Frank said, before shooting off towards London at breakneck speed.

He said: "I've never seen anything go so fast in all my life. The speed of it was beyond belief."

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