ALEX Nimier, better known as hip-hop star Antix, is releasing his second UK single later this year and will be treating the people of Wycombe to a showcase of his music. Working in LA and New York, Antix has the life of a hip-hop star but doesn’t appear to fully fit the stereotype.

Alex’s new track is called ‘Letters to My Unborn’ and is from his upcoming album ‘Question Everything.’

As with all his music Alex says there is a meaning behind this song: "It developed from conversations with friends who were having children and I thought I’d put something down for when I have a kid. Sort of advice and thoughts to impart and also so they can see what I was like when I was a young man."

Alex added: "I don’t just do a song for the sake of a catchy track but because I have something to say. Anyone can listen to my music but when you scratch the surface there is a lot more to it."

And what Alex has to say, he puts across in a creative and diverse way. Born in Britain and raised by Jordanian and Australian parents, Alex says he "grew up listening to the sights and sounds of different countries" and that it "all fuses together" in his music.

Antix is due to perform his music at a showcase in Wycombe later in the summer. He said guests will be treated to "a full live band, six piece with guitar, keys, everything and lots of tracks."

Dates and locations will be confirmed via his Facebook page and website.

This refreshing hip-hop star also has a caring, charitable side. Alex is an ambassador of the Rarer Cancer Foundation, who provide support for those who have a rare type of cancer, that isn’t as well known of as others.

He said "My mum passed away from cancer so I am fully behind the foundation and everything they do. They are a great foundation and I am looking into a project to put on for them, such as a big show that would sponsor them."

So this hip-hop star gives his lyrics meaning, uses live music at concerts, embraces diversity in his tracks and cares about charity work?

If that wasn’t enough to buy his new music then Alex says we should because it’s "good, quality music that’s better than some of the rubbishy stuff on the radio. Good quality music done by someone who cares."

For his website click here

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