THE triumphs of the rowers at Dorney Lake have led to a surge in new recruits to Marlow Rowing Club.

Club Captain Sally Reay said the huge medal haul of British oarsmen, including the Marlow representatives such as Greg Searle, has sparked interest in joining up.

"We've had a surge in interest in people wanting to join the club since the Olympics began," she said. "It's people of all ages and some of the younger people have clearly been inspired."

Sally, who was at the race to see Katharine Grainger win gold, said it had been 'thrilling'. She said: "We are so pleased with the performances and medals of our rowers, Katharine Grainger and Zac Purchase, it makes me really proud."

The club boasts a large group of promising youngsters, who have already enjoyed success.

Asked if she thought some of the current crop of youngsters could be following in their footsteps by taking part in future Olympics, she said: "There's every chance. They are obviously being inspired by the support our senior international rowers and we are hopeful we can support them to get international integration too."

Among the rising stars are teenagers James Moran, Harry Glenister and Carrick Blore.