A GIRL allegedly exploited by a group of friends has told a court how she was groomed and abused by a man who forced her to perform sex acts on others at a party.

Speaking from behind a screen, the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told Oxford Crown Court today how she got chatting to Iblal Fiaz via the internet. She said she already knew of Fiaz, who was 16 at the time, when they first began communicating.

She told the court how she was unhappy at home but could confide in Fiaz. They would meet in a park near Fernie Fields in Cressex to talk and she began to develop “strong feelings” for him, despite her being just 11.

She told jurors: “We became good friends, I felt close to him...the meetings went from friendship towards an intimate relationship. It became sexual.”

The court heard how they met on December 12, 2007 and Fiaz was “being super nice” towards her that day - they ended up having sex.

She said: “I didn’t really want to do it...He made me feel really bad, he said I was really immature and that I needed to grow up.

“I didn’t want to upset him or let him down. He told me he was only doing it because he cared for me and afterwards it was really awkward.

“I felt embarrassed and ashamed, I didn’t want to tell my friends as I didn’t want them to think of me differently.”

The pair continued to meet and, on occasions, further sexual contact took place. When she was aged between 11 and 12, the jury heard how she would be picked up by Fiaz, often with his brother and friends, in a car.

She told jurors that she would end up drinking and smoking cannabis with those in the vehicles, and "at some point" there was sexual contact between Iblal Fiaz in the back of cars while the others stood outside.

Then, in the build up to GCSE results day in 2008, the girl told the court how Iblal Fiaz – who was preparing to leave school - began asking if she would perform sex acts on his brother Khasim and friends.

She told jurors she initially thought it a "sick joke" and didn't want to go through with it but Iblal Fiaz would say: "If you love me you will do it".

The girl told the court: "I felt happy for him [finishing school]...I felt bad as I just wanted to make him happy. I wanted to do something right."

She agreed to attend a house party in Rutland Avenue to celebrate GCSE results day and was plied with alcohol until she felt "light headed".

She told jurors she remembered seeing defendants Jubroin Khan and Khasim Dadd at the celebration, whom she knew were Iblal’s friends.

During the party, Iblal Fiaz told her to go upstairs with his brother Khasim Fiaz, which she eventually agreed to, and they had sex in a bedroom, the court heard.

She added: “I told Khasim I didn’t want to do it but he didn’t agree with me and it happened anyway.”

Khasim left the room and Iblal came in and sat next to her on the bed. "He looked content", she told jurors, "I felt disgusting".

The court heard Iblal then gave her two pills, which she took. She said: “They made me zone out, it wasn’t as painful in here [her head]”.

Jurors heard how Iblal Fiaz left the bedroom again and Khasim Dadd walked in and said "are you going to sort me out?"

She said she performed oral sex on him “after a brief exchange” and remembered others walking in and out of the room but told the jury she could not remember anything else other than walking home that night.

The alleged abuse took place in the Wycombe area between 2007 and 2012. There are 44 charges against the ten defendants, they are:

Iblal Fiaz, 21, of St George’s Close – Four counts of rape of a child under 13, seven counts of rape, two counts of conspiracy to rape, eight counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation, two charges of sexual activity with a child and one count of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Khasim Fiaz, 22, of St George’s Close – two counts of rape of a child under 13, one count of rape, two counts of conspiracy to rape and one count of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Ammar Rafiq, 19, from Kent Road in west London – four counts of rape.

Mohammed Adnan, 21, of Upper Green Street – two counts of rape.

Mudassar Hussain, 29, of Abbey Barn Road –three counts of rape.

Jubrion Khan, 21, of Rutland Avenue – one count of rape and two counts of conspiracy to rape.

Khasim Dadd, 23, of Gibbs Close – one count of rape and one count of conspiracy to rape.

Rameez Ali, 21, of West End Street – two counts of rape.

Janaid Sharif, 26, of Cambridge Crescent – two counts of rape.

Asif Hussain, 21, of Suffield Road – one count of rape.

The trial continues tomorrow.