A MYSTERY benefactor has donated £2,500 towards the cost of returning a town park to its pre-war glory.

Chesham Town Council received the windfall and it will to go towards the cost of removing the now defunct water feature in Lowndes Park.

The feature will be replaced with an area where bands can play to entertain summer crowds.

In a letter accompanying the cash, the generous donor referred to the range of musical events planned for the park in the summer months.

He wrote: "Better use of the space and enjoyment should be available for all. However, as the whole area requires more work to make it worthy of the town, the centre feature will be removed and concreted over which will form a base for improvement to the whole area, as funds are available."

In response to the cash Chesham Town Council has formed a special sub-committee to consider and oversee the issues raised by the donor in more detail.

The anonymous money-man also hopes that further funds can be raised so that the whole paved area around the water feature can be improved along with steps to and from the site and wheelchair access.

These ideas are in-line with the overall scheme, Lowndes Park Project 2000, which aims to rejuvenate Chesham's largest area of parkland.

Cllr Tony Reed, Chesham's Town Mayor, said: "This is a most generous gift to the town from somebody who obviously loves Chesham and wants to see wider use of the park for all."

Work is expected to begin on the water feature from June 25.

It is hoped it will be finished in time for an open-air concert which is due to take place in the park on July 15.