The future of travel company Thomas Cook and the Labour Party’s internecine disputes dominate Monday’s front pages.

The Daily Mail  leads with a story saying 165,000 people face a
fortnight of Thomas Cook chaos if the firm collapses.

The Guardian has a story saying Jeremy Corbyn risks the fury of
Labour’s membership after he moved to stop the party campaigning to remain in the EU at a general election. The Daily Telegraph covers similar ground and the Metro refers to Labour’s “growing rift”.

The also covers the same story, calling it Labour’s civil war, while The Independent says Mr Corbyn is “terrified” of becoming prime minister.

The Times leads with a story saying Labour intends to abolish private schools.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror says Labour will today vow to deliver
justice for veterans of atomic testing.

The Daily Star carries a story saying Jeremy Clarkson is being terrorised by a flock of greedy psycho seagulls.

The Financial Times reports a Thomas Cook repatriation plan is on standby as the company faces possible administration.

And the Daily Express reports that Labour plans a benefits splurge
that would cost taxpayers around £520billion a year, according to analysts.