Hunted is back, tracking eleven ordinary people, all hoping they can successfully outrun an elite team of investigators to win a share of £100,000.

The show follows the contestants going on the run for 23 days doing everything they can to avoid being caught by the hunters.

To date, the hunters have only managed to catch every contestant once, in season four, so they’ll be eager to pull the numbers back in their favour this time around.

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Hunted 2022 update

This year’s participants include an ex-military veteran, a couple of experienced urban explorers, two profoundly deaf young men, two sisters with something to prove to their mum, and a mum of four and her grown-up son.

Leading the chase is Assistant Chief Constable of Cleveland Police Lisa Theaker, who will oversee a hand-picked team of top police and military personnel.

Last night, for the first time in Hunted history, the fugitives made their escape from an island – the Isle of Wight – under the ever-watchful eye of the hunter helicopter streaming live video direct to HQ.

When is Hunted on tonight?

The second episode of series six sees the hunters track Elinor and Meurig to his sister’s house in Brecon, where he makes a dramatic getaway and, despite a close shave, Shoba and Amarinder continue to rely on their family network.

Meanwhile, Nathan and James devise a plan to lure the hunters to a fake rendezvous, but can they really outwit the professionals looking to track them down?

Plus, a deleted text gives the chasing pack a lead on the whereabouts of urban explorers Katie and Liam. Three hunter teams are dispatched to find and bring them in.

:: Hunted continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 4 and All 4.