CCTV monitoring in the Wycombe district could be moved as far away as Birmingham in measures being considered by police.

Top officers have admitted behind-the-scenes discussions over “collaborative” CCTV work are ongoing, but say no decision has been made about where the Wycombe-based surveillance might be relocated.

Talks have now sparked fears over the threat of terrorism and rising crime levels, a Wycombe District councillor has said.

In 2012, controversial plans emerged for a possible switch to Slough.

But WDC councillor Brian Pearce says he has learned from staff that new options include outsourcing to Aylesbury, Milton Keynes or even Birmingham, which he fears would hamper the fight against terrorism and serious crime.

And he warned against the district’s cameras being watched by people who have never visited the area.

Cllr Pearce, who represents Booker and Cressex, said: “I feel very strongly about this. In the age we live in where terrorism is a big threat and there are concerns over crime, it seems like a bad decision to remove CCTV monitoring away from the area.

“I don’t think you can beat local knowledge. These people who monitor the CCTV – which is a big tool to catch people out – are very clever and vital to crime fighting.

“They know the area very well and recognise the people too. If you take it outside of the district you lose that.”

Thames Valley Police insist that “work in progress” options are being explored over the area’s CCTV following a force-wide review in 2014.

Wycombe superintendent Ed McLean said: “Thames Valley Police is committed to reducing crime and catching criminals using CCTV which is recognised as a vital asset.

Bucks Free Press:

Supt Ed McLean.

“Together with partners we aim to ensure that CCTV services are efficiently and effectively operated, making the best use of current and future technology which is transparently and proportionately operated taking into account national best practice, guidance and legislation.

“A force-wide review completed in 2014 concluded that CCTV provides a significant benefit in fighting crime and supporting Community Safety.

“In consultation with our local authority partners we identified from the report that there could be benefits in examining and embracing emerging technologies and to assess if any collaborative opportunities were feasible.

“This is ‘work in progress’ and no decisions have been made about any changes to CCTV locations or services.”