The MP for Wycombe called for a meeting with the three accused High Wycombe Imams following shocking claims they had been spreading messages of hate.

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Steve Baker said he was “surprised” to read of Khalil Ahmed’s allegations and has now revealed the Imams told him they feel falsely accused.

No official statement has yet been released by the three religious figures, with a Wycombe Islamic Mission and Trust investigation currently being carried out.

Mr Baker said: “My personal experience of Wycombe Islamic Mission and Mosque Trust and the Trust’s Imams has, over six years, been entirely positive.

Bucks Free Press:

Allegations centre around three High Wycombe mosques.

"I was therefore surprised indeed to read what they were alleged to have preached about Mumtaz Qadri.

"I have an absolutely non-negotiable commitment to freedom of religion and expression.

“Tolerance means bearing with opinions, especially in matters of faith, with which we disagree profoundly.

“Society often makes progress through critical discussion of taboos. If we neglect that, we will leap backwards.

“I therefore wrote to the Imams, expressing that surprise and inviting them to meet me. We subsequently met in my office with the Chairman of the Mosque Trust.

“Our Imams feel falsely accused. They have reassured me that at no time did they glorify Mumtaz Qadri’s actions.

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“They were most emphatic that Islam does not allow anyone to take the law into their own hands.

“There is controversy over the course of justice as it was applied to this man and echoes of that controversy have been heard here in High Wycombe.”

He added: “I am satisfied that local Imams preach the rule of law and peaceful co-existence. Long may that continue and strengthen.

“I would encourage the Mosque Committee to be unafraid to make a public statement. In the meantime, any accuser must bring forward evidence for their allegations.”