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Boris Johnson praised Bucks Free Press readers for their “great wisdom” during an exclusive interview in High Wycombe today after it was revealed to him that 68 per cent had voted leave in an online poll.

The national media descended on the town this afternoon to hear Mr Johnson give a lively speech in front of the crowds about why Britain should leave the EU, but only the BFP was invited to speak to the former London mayor aboard the Vote Leave battle bus.

As the bus made its way to the train station from the town centre after the event, the Uxbridge MP, who has a home near Bledlow Ridge, commended “superb” Steve Baker for “drumming up a great crowd” outside the Guildhall, despite the rain.

However, Remain campaigners were not impressed, with one Wycombe in Europe activist, Ian Morton, saying: "They don't want to meet anyone, they just want to roll in, take a few photos and be off again before anyone can question them, hence the short notice."

Mr Johnson said the latest figures from the BFP’s live poll – which currently stand at 68 per cent leave and 32 per cent voting for Remain – “show [readers’] great wisdom and their taste and judgement.”

He said: “I hope they follow it through and they stick with it, it will be a great day for Britain on June 23. I hope June 24 will be Independence Day. It is going to be a really exciting event.

“Benjamin Disraeli once said “we propose to rely on the sublime instincts of an ancient people” and I think that is what I will do too. The British electorate will get it right.”

He also praised High Wycombe as a town “steeped in history” and “famous for being associated with freedom.”

He said: “It’s associated with freedom because of course, John Wilkes and his friends in the 18th century met in High Wycombe to discuss the issue of parliamentary democracy and the right for people to elect members of parliament, which is what we are fighting for today.

“In many ways High Wycombe is the home of the English ideas of liberty.”

Appealing to BFP readers, he argued that the UK could “trade freely with the whole world, set taxes and make laws to suit the UK economy” if Britain left the EU.

He said: “High Wycombe residents should vote leave because it is time to take back control from an EU that is going in the wrong direction. The EU is wasteful but it is also so bureaucratic – nobody knows who is really in charge.

“You need a democracy for a strong economy because when people make mistakes, at election time we can kick them out. If we have a wrong economic policy, you can change it.

“In the EU at the moment, is movement towards a single fiscal policy which means voters won’t be able to vote out the people making mistakes. And the people making mistakes will be so proud and so fearful of their reputations that they won’t admit they are wrong. You can see this very clearly with the EU.”

Wycombe MP Mr Baker, who also joined Mr Johnson for the interview aboard the Brexit bus, said it was a “huge thrill” to have him visit the town.

Former defence secretary Liam Fox and Labour MP Gisela Stuart also arrived onthe bus to speak to the gathered crowds. 

Mr Baker said: “Today it has been a huge thrill and an honour to welcome Boris, Liam and Gisela, but particularly Boris because I know he is at the very forefront of this campaign.

“He has been the object of so many attacks I don’t think anyone can have any doubt he has been extremely courageous is pursuing a cause he knows to be right. I'm very proud that I have got the opportunity to follow him in this.”

He added: “It has been a long year. Bucks Free Press readers will know I agreed to be over the top of the trenches fairly early on to build up a good campaign which we would carry through in good spirit.”