A former mayor has called for Wycombe District Council’s planning chief to resign over “poor decision” making regarding major development sites in the district.

Trevor Snaith accused the council of not consulting Wycombe residents about infrastructure plans for the Abbey Barn and Gomm Valley reserve sites- which were released by the council for development around three years ago.

At a full meeting of WDC, the ex-mayor of High Wycombe then called for cabinet member for planning, councillor David Johncock, to step down from his role in light of “the many unaddressed issues on infrastructure” concerning the development sites.

Liaison groups were set up in 2015 when the land was originally released from the green belt for development, so residents and ward members could have their say on how the development briefs were produced.

Earlier this month the draft development brief for the Gomm Valley and Ashwells sites were approved by councillors.

Addressing Cllr Johncock, Mr Snaith said: “In light of the many unaddressed issues on infrastructure – London Road congestion, impact on surrounding roads, the 500 per cent increase in traffic on roads, considerable resistance from many groups and individuals - many of who are now raising London Road pollution as a critical problem – what is Wycombe planning on to do?

“Do you agree to need to step forward and accept the cause and effect of poor decision making that has caused as a result of this approval?

“To quote what you said, you have made compromises, fine, but if that is the best you can do in your cabinet then perhaps it is time to resign?”

Cllr Johncock defended the consultation process and said the infrastructure roundtable – set up to discuss infrastructure issues relating to the reserve sites – included members from each liaison group who then reported back to members.

He also insisted there was no poor decision making in the process but admitted congestion on the busy High Wycombe road is one of the “biggest challenges” the council faces.

He said: “First of all it was not poor decision making and I refute that positively. However, and this is rare, I actually agree with you.

“The congestion on the London Road is one of the biggest challenges that we face and I have made no secret of that fact. But we are not going to solve that challenge by simply discussing it in this chamber.

“Instead we need to work closely with Highways England and the County Council to work out effective solutions and that is exactly what we have been doing for some time and will continue to do.”