I am writing this letter in sheer desperation. I know that we have now altered the clocks and we are officially in British Summertime, and within a few weeks street lights won't be so important, but there are two sections of lampposts that I have reported to the county council lighting division about six times over the last two months, and nothing has happened.

The county council have changed the format for reporting faults like this and there is no way of writing an ordinary letter like this to the county council. A large number of residents contact me, either when I am shopping around Asda, or by telephone about the two locations in particular.

One is in the vicinity of Westwood aged person dwelling complex, by the entrance to Johnson & Johnson. This is important because being in the vicinity of an aged person complex, a large number of residents have impaired vision.

The other is a section in John Hall Way between the large roundabout which leads to the Cressex industrial estate slip road and Holmers Farm Way the other direction. From that roundabout towards Turnpike every light is not working with the exception of the last five in the vicinity of Turnpike.

This is on a main road and the pavement on the left hand side headed towards Turnpike is in fact lower than the road surface and some distance away from the road. There is also a large, thick, very tall fir tree hedge and the consequence is the pathway here is exceedingly dark. When one considers it is frequented a lot by numerous people including some residents that have contacted me with impaired vision I think this is disgraceful.

I wonder if the county council are waiting til the lighter nights arrive and there will be no worry for this. Obviously in John Hall Way it must be a supply problem to have this number of lights out but I believe it should have been dealt with long ago.

When residents contact me about matters that come under the jurisdiction of the County Council, I am sure people think that we are passing the buck, but that is not the case at all. If only the County Council were as efficient as the District Council I believe we would not have these problems with lights and the state of our roads in Southern Buckinghamshire would be a darn sight better.

The big joke around here is they reckon you can drive around Lane End and parts of High Wycombe blindfolded because with the state of the roads it is like reading braille.

I long for the day where we have a unitary authority and I believe if the districts take more control over this, things will get done.

Cllr Brian Pearce, Booker and Cressex