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I don't know if I should laugh or cry at the news of a roundabout being installed at the junction of Abbey Barn Lane and Heath End Road.

I can only hope that the constructors have learned from the huge mistake made in the past when the junction was moved to its present location, which was bad enough.

A slip road was installed for drivers turning left from the Daws Hill direction.

This obscured cars doing 50-60mph from those turning right from Abbey Barn.

This led to an horrific number of accidents on an almost daily basis, some I believe fatal.

I still remember the look of absolute terror on the face of a driver who pulled out in front of me before he realised I’d stopped and he was not about to die.

It was so bad even the authorities realised they had messed up and filled the slip road in.

Please tell me they remember such a hideous mistake.

However, judging from the recent road related nightmares created in High Wycombe that they do nothing about, I fear not.

A Somerville, Flackwell Heath

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