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In your April 9 edition is an article about the speed limit on the A40 where it passes through Beaconsfield.

On October 25, 2013 the old Bucks County Council launched a previous consultation which resulted in no action, despite calls for a reduction.

A suitable reduction would allow, for example, for pedestrian crossings.

The response, as I understand it, was quite limited, and responses from outside Beaconsfield calling to maintain high speeds outweighing those who live here, hence BCC concluding no action.

Not only is the stretch “in town” and with new housing, garden centre, etc. it has many turn offs - indeed going to work one day I was almost side swiped by a foreign registered left-hand drive articulated lorry coming out of Burkes Road at speed.

During lockdown, we have seen significant drops in traffic movements which hopefully may persist, but that is yet to be seen.

An obstacle to a 30mph limit is a failure to enforce, as is the case with existing limits, and commercial vehicles and SUVs have shown that speed bumps are ineffective.

With less traffic during lockdown ridiculous speeds are being achieved on Holtspur Top Lane, where even cars are cruising the centre white line to permit excess speed over the bumps.

It is time for the A40 speed reduction, the use of technology if police manpower is in short supply, and the resultant improvement in safety and use of our pavements for walkers and the roadway for cyclists.

Cllr Patrick Hogan, town councillor for Beaconsfield West

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