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As someone who is not a member of any political party, I was very disappointed with the election material dispatched by Sarah Green, the Lib Dem candidate for the forthcoming Chesham and Amersham by-election, received at our home.

The Lib Dem Party has already been criticised in ‘Private Eye’ for its extreme discourtesy in actions it took in the Constituency when already aware that Dame Cheryl Gillan was terminally ill, and Sarah Green has compounded this by disrespectful and dishonest comments in her election materials.

Ms Green has written that local people “want an MP who will stand up to the Government on issues such as HS2”, making it quite clear that this is what we can expect from any Tory representative for the Constituency in Parliament.

Yet she is fully aware that Dame Cheryl resigned her position in Cabinet over her dissent on HS2, then continued the fight while simultaneously making sure the minimum degree of damage would be done by the scheme in the Chilterns with a lengthy tunnel.

To write that we don’t want “another Conservative as an MP who will take our area for granted”, given Dame Cheryl’s record, is highly offensive.

Usually one has to wait to see a politician in action before deciding whether they are trustworthy or not, but Sarah Green’s rudeness and lack of integrity is clear and has made my decision easy.

Francis Charig, Amersham

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