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What Mr Laycock fails to mention when talking about a process of public engagement ('Huge new film and television studio could be built next to the A404') is that the area he, as CEO of Dido Property Ltd, is proposing for the film studios already has two designations – Green Belt and Country Park.

Both these designations have had wide public consultations and already have approval and are enshrined in the Local Plan and Countryside Act 1968 If, as I would like to think, we live in a democracy where planning laws are upheld by local government then there is no further discussion to be had.

It is not up to Mr Laycock or other directors of Dido Property Ltd to overturn the already approved designations.

With regard to employment opportunities, approval has already been given to film studios near Reading on a Science Park so there will be job opportunities for all the home grown creative talent that we would like to encourage in this area.

The number quoted by Mr Laycock is a random number and does not mean that employment will be given locally and permanently.

Also why should studios be confined to this overcrowded part of Southern England?

There must be many creative/technical/crafts people who live in less densely populated areas who would welcome the opportunity to have a state of the art venue within their reach. Mr Tett, in his exclusive letter to the BFP, says the council are ‘building a new country park in the south (of the county)’.

Perhaps he should let Dido Property know.

Anthea Falk, address withheld

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