THIS week, Chesham and Amersham MP Sarah Green writes exclusively to Bucks Free Press readers:

They say a week is a long time in politics, for the Afghan people it has been generational. The takeover of the country by Taliban militants has reversed twenty years of patient progress, not easy progress, at times not obvious progress, but progress none-the-less.

It was right that Parliament was recalled last week to discuss this unfolding situation.

These events were set in train when President Biden decided to follow through on Donald Trump’s deal with the Taliban and pull the crucial elements of support being lent to the Afghan Government.

A decision that is now set to have direct consequences for many owed a debt of honour by the United Kingdom.

There were many worthy contributions to the debate in the House of Commons last Wednesday, not least UK forces veteran and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Tom Tugendhat MP.

He gave voice to the conflicted feelings of many veterans and made a valid point about the importance of patience.

He also rightly highlighted the need to support refugees.

Of course, we must ensure that those coming are who they say they are and not militants attempting to slip into the country.

But the UK needs to ensure it does absolutely everything possible for all those we owe a debt to, whether they were directly employed or through third-party contractors.

Reports are already coming through of the killings of family members in place of those the Taliban are hunting but cannot find.

As if proof were needed that believing Taliban promises has always been a fool’s errand, it seems that we are beginning to see this on-the-ground as Taliban militants inevitably undermine the soothing propaganda uttered by their PR-savvy spokesmen.