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The recent letter from the Friends of the Wye painted a wonderful vision of what our town could be like with a restored river.

Let’s encourage that vision and lobby our councillors to think imaginatively, the long-term environmental benefit would be significant.

However, those who have recently travelled down North Road in Widmer End can’t fail to have noticed a new river flowing freely down the road.

This sparkling clear stream has successfully filled the road gullies with silt and is doing a wonderful job of keeping the verges green.

It has been running for nearly five weeks now and vehicles love driving through it to splash pedestrians.

There is of course a serious side to this - it is water sucked from our depleted chalk aquifers, upon which our precious chalk streams depend, and we are all told to use water sparingly. 

Even granny must have a minimal bath, if the recent water board advert is to be believed.

The leak was reported the day it erupted and formally acknowledged, but it still gushes ever more freely, and I wonder how many more new streams there are out there. It would be much better to have the real thing back in our historic town.

Hugh McCarthy, via email