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I find it so very sad all the hype and excitement Marlow Film studio are projecting about their possible planning application.

In reality, they are planning to build multiple aircraft hangar type buildings 18 metres high and multi-storey car parks on our beautiful Green Belt. 

It seems forgotten and washed over that the area is designated as Little Marlow Country Parkland enjoyed by many local people.

Most film producers use their own crew so the idea that this will produce 5,000 jobs for local people is farcical and a complete fantasy.

If this proposed film studio goes ahead the local wildlife will disappear, noise and light pollution will increase and roads gridlocked.

Being on the floodplain, local properties in Westhorpe downhill from this studio will be subjected to higher flooding risks.

I urge local people and businesses to really think about the negatives this massive development will produce and forget the glossy PR.

Think instead about what will be lost and the misery it will cause local residents.

Louisa Porter, Little Marlow