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You recently reported the change of use to Victoria House, Desborough Street, High Wycombe, highlighting the lack of parking and the impact this will have on the residents of Shaftesbury Street.

How is it possible that this development was granted permission for 30 flats with 10 parking spaces, plus they are putting in planning to build a mansard with an additional six flats with no additional parking, when the development in the article has been refused planning, clearly stating that their is not enough parking to accommodate additional residents onsite and there is not enough street parking to accommodate additional vehicles?

It would appear that our planning department is inconsistent in their decision making, they do not consider the impact such developments will have on local residents who have to pay for the privilege to park on the street they live in, they do not follow national guidelines or their own recommendations.

None of the residents on Shaftesbury Street, as far as I am aware, were informed about the change of use and only one or two residents were informed about the planning application for the mansard.

Surely residents have the right to be informed about changes to the local area when it will impact them!

Name and address withheld