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'Project Fear becomes Project Reality?

The nightmare of our post-Brexit trade is turning into an unpleasant reality for British people as Project Fear turns into Project Reality.

The government chose the hardest of Brexits and we are now seeing the consequences of ending the free movement of people across the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

Of course, the government denies the obvious link, instead blaming it on Covid though every EU country has Covid yet no shortage of lorry drivers.

In particular, food shortages (along with rising rates of inflation) will see price increases passed on to consumers.

This is alongside the cuts to Universal Credit, meaning the poorest in this country will be hit hardest.

Best for Britain, along with the UK Trade and Business Commission, has highlighted in a new report how post-Brexit trade challenges are causing hardships.

The Government needs to improve its outdated systems, push for a smoother deal with the EU and restore compassion to its politics by keeping the £20 uplift to Universal credit.

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove promised lower fuel bills for households once Britain left the EU. Gas prices in Europe are also at record highs, but countries in the EU’s internal energy market trade efficiently with each other using linked auctions that balance prices across the bloc.

The UK, having decoupled its auctions from Europe, could in theory get cheaper energy than anywhere else – if energy was really cheap. But it isn’t, so the UK is more exposed to high prices.

We cannot let one disaster simply lead to another.

Gerald McGrath, Chalfont St Peter