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Has anyone noticed or, indeed, been distracted by the electronic advertising board just erected at the southern end of the flyover in the centre of High Wycombe?  

Permission for this board was refused by Wycombe District Council but allowed on appeal by the Planning Inspector who took a different view, that it would not harm the Conservation Area. (High Wycombe Society objected that the board would definitely not give a good impression to people driving through the town.)   

My reason for writing, however, is not on the aesthetics, which may be a lost battle, but that the board is a dangerous distraction for motorists needing to concentrate on negotiating the five busy roundabouts at the bottom of Marlow Hill and particularly the two-lane exit from roundabout to flyover (with traffic coming the other way, also). 

Advertisements are, of course, designed to distract but, unfortunately, Bucks County Council Highways Department advised that the board would not have a material effect on road safety and so neither Wycombe District Council nor the Planning Inspector considered that aspect.

We wonder if Buckinghamshire Council will reconsider this aspect, now that the board can be viewed in operation, and use any general statutory power it may have to remove dangers affecting the highway, even though on private land and despite the Planning Permission.

Tony Hatton, honorary secretary on behalf of High Wycombe Society