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I write this letter as the end of the first of 18 weeks ‘work’ comes to an end on Marlow Bridge (October 8).  

Thus far, barriers have been erected and site huts delivered and… nothing. I cross the bridge every day at varying times.  

As with the extended attention to the bollards (never was so little done in such a long time by so many) I have yet to see the men on site doing anything other than look at their ‘phones by or in their vehicles.   

Today (midday) there are at least three men and three vans. 

What are they doing there on a damp day, why was the work scheduled for cold/damp/wet months, when even on a fine day the timber is not dry for treatment until at least 10 am, and with the dew rising, none can be done after 3pm at the latest?

Is there no planning, no supervision? Please could one of your intrepid reporters ask someone in authority to clarify the matter for we who are paying for it?

Name withheld, Marlow