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As alarm rises over the increase in Covid cases in Bucks, how many readers have noticed the slump in people wearing masks in High Wycombe?

Last Thursday (October 21) I called in at the Morrisons and Aldi stores which till recently had firm rules to insist that customers should wear masks, especially as staff were setting that good example.

Last week I saw only about half the Morrisons customers in masks and in Aldi there was only a slightly higher percentage.

Some of the staff in Morrisons were maskless and there were three in Aldi with masks under their chins.

Few customers in both stores were pausing to use hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrances.

This relaxed risky situation is everywhere now.

Two weeks ago I stayed in a large Hampshire hotel and although all staff wore masks, and there were posters asking for guests to copy, there were about a third of the visitors maskless.

Last week the situation looked worse when in the Commons the Conservative benches were packed shoulder to shoulder but it looked as if only five MPs had masks.

The percentage looked a bit higher on Labour and Lib Dem benches. On TV news ministers appealed meanwhile for us to take tighter precautions.

To cap it all Jacob Rees-Mogg was asked why his chums were not wearing masks in the chamber and replied that it wasn’t really necessary as “Conservative MPs know each other very well” and they had a “convivial, fraternal spirit!”

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