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Bucks County has so neglected our roads they’re now becoming like rivers whenever it rains.

There’s so much debris water can’t flow to gullies and gutters, and clearly any water that gets there doesn’t drain because they’re blocked.

Cars then fighting for the middle of the road.

Maybe on their fat allowances and recent eye watering increases, Bucks Councillors can afford amphibious vehicles, but the rest of we plebs drive cars which aren’t capable of going through calf-deep water.

As when a district councillor i was the only one using the leisure centre pools and experiencing them as a customer, I wonder whether Bucks Councillors regularly tour their wards: as they’ve trebled their number (and cost to council tax payers) so we have among the highest councillor to voter ratios in the UK, they’d only need to do a third each!

Perhaps Bucks County will listen to head teachers pointing out that pupils can’t be expected to walk to school in such conditions - at risk of a drenching from all the excess water and ensuing spray.

So if you and or your son/daughter are walking to school along such roads, copy any complaint to your head teacher and perhaps they too can lobby Bucks County to buck up!

David Meacock, Chalfont St Peter