Beaconsfield MP Joy Morrissey writes: The past week has seen significant change in our country.

On Tuesday His Majesty the King asked Rishi Sunak to form a new Government.

In recent weeks there has been widespread economic uncertainty and market instability.

I believe we are now in a position where that will be remedied under the guidance of our new Prime Minister and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

I am keeping my focus on local priorities and what my constituents need.

I have been campaigning for strengthened protections for access to cash for my constituents for a long time now.

Many of the towns in my constituency are facing bank branch closures, in fact several have already lost their last branch.

I have worked with banks to make sure they are reaching out to the vulnerable customers who rely on these services and in many cases we have secured real targeted help.

However, solutions for individuals do not make me any less concerned about the wider issue.

I was delighted when the Government announced that it would be legislating to provide strengthened protection for access to cash in a recent Queen’s Speech.

That legislation is now going through the House of Commons in the form of the Financial Services and Markets Bill and I have been very pleased to be able to assist in its various stages.

I am very aware that future protections are not enough for places that have already lost services and so I have also asked Link, which has been designated to help provide access to cash services, to review community provision in several towns in my constituency.

I will be working with them to assess current services and pushing to make improvements wherever we can.

If you have any concerns about access to cash or banking services in your area please do contact my office as I would be keen to help.