A letter from one of our readers.

Please be warned Sainsbury’s shoppers that after many months of free and unlimited parking, a limit of two hours has now been imposed and no possibility of paying for extra time.

Judging by the number of emails on our local website I am not the only person to have been caught out and receive a parking charge for exceeding the two hours.

I thought the notices on the floor during the last few weeks were warning of what was to come but not so.

When I shopped last Friday, 13th January, the notices had disappeared, apparently that was due to them having blown flat in the wind!

On speaking to the manager about it I was told that there were notices in the lifts, but I don’t use the lifts.

I had a good look round the carpark and did eventually see some notices put up high on the posts, but none were visible on entry and none were visible where I had parked.

I was told the carpark does not belong to Sainsbury’s and there was nothing they can do about charges.

I do feel that two hours is not long enough and really does spoil the pleasure of shopping in what used to be a great store.

What do others think?

Sylvia Palmer, Stokenchurch