Energize! is a project where Mr. Munn and Miss McCauley are teaching us a performance to ‘Aladdin: Friend Like Me’. This is a play that involves acting, singing and dancing. Energize will take place at The Wycombe Swan in High Wycombe, in March.

The characters of the play include: Aladdin, The Genie, The Narrator and Abu the monkey. I am playing Aladdin. 

The scene starts with Aladdin rubbing the lamp as The Genie appears and Aladdin jumps as The Genie introduces himself. Abu blows a raspberry at The Genie and then says that Aladdin should have more manners to the monkey. The Genie tells Aladdin that he can have three wishes. It is very funny and bound to make the audience laugh out loud!

As soon as the acting ends, the song and dance comes on, where the characters dance and The Genie sings to the beat. The Energize performance will also have a drummer for the music of the song. As the singing and dancing ends the audience will hopefully whistle, cheer and clap. Then the safety curtain will close. We don’t know what the costumes are like yet.

Miss Lauren McCauley, one of the leaders of the project said: “Students are really progressing well with the Aladdin Energize Show. I can’t wait for their performance at The Wycombe Swan.”     

The Energize rehearsals are lots of fun and laughter and it will be a fab play indeed, with parents coming to see it in March. Will you?