The whole school council have planned a new menu for the dining room at Stony Dean School. The menu might offer the healthiest, delicious, mouthwatering, gourmet meals in Amersham. This project will include meals that the school kitchen staff have never made before.

New main meals such as meatballs, more garlic bread and baguettes instead of normal brown bread are being added to the menu. Exciting new desserts like apple crumble, custard and jelly and ice cream have also been confirmed. There are more exciting items that are being considered in the future.

This project may help the school by giving students more options to choose what they like when going to get their lunches. I spoke to Joshua Ritchie, Student Council Member, who said, “I have pushed for more school meal selection, as it was highly requested and needed.” The menu may become a new thing that students may love to try and get used to. This gourmet menu has so many choices so students can get whatever they would like. Would your students like to try these new foods?

One of the most popular foods I would love to have back in the dining room is Sausage Casserole. This is because I love the sausages and the vegetables that come with it such as carrots and broccoli. The menu will be provide a nutritious healthy lunchtime so that every single pupil will have a 5 a day every day.