I went to see Ant Man Quantomania in the Odeon at Aylesbury. This is what I think about the film, the actors, the cinema and the food. 

I arrived at the cinema and it looked beautiful. We ordered some popcorn and Coca-Cola on the screen and waited to collect our order. The staff scanned are tickets and let us through. We got into screen and sat on the very comfy recliner seats.  

This is the first movie of the next phase (phase 5) in the Marvel Universe and there is loads more exciting movies to come.

The lights turned off and it was time to watch the film. The videography was amazing and the editing was outstanding. My favourite character in the movie was Ant Man (Paul Rudd) as he was funny and brave. The villain (Kang the Conqueror) was really powerful villain.

Corey, a student in Year 10, went to go and see Ant Man Quantomania as well. I asked him what his thoughts were on the film and he said, “This is the most stunning visual movie I’ve ever seen.”

There are two end credit scenes that are worth the wait. It’s crazy how many people worked on the film from 3D artists and camera crew, to actors and editors.

The lights came back on and we exit the screen. I think it was a really good film and I was very shocked about what happened. I think you should watch this if you are into Marvel or not. I’m very excited for more phase 5 films to be released.