The PEBLES Prize Cupboard in the school felt old, messy and way too jumbled up. So, Ms Phipps has decided this year to add new changes to make the cupboard tidy, neat and fresh. There are lots of new and exciting things that students can earn!

PEBLES are points that students can earn every lesson that are used to reward good behaviour in class. Students can earn up to 6 PEBLES in class and can earn an extra PEBLE if they do very well. Students can collect and save them up for things they would like to buy on a website called Epraise.

Some of the new items for the cupboard include pizza time where students can choose any pizza topping from the shop or make it at school and have it at lunchtime. In bush craft skills, you and your group can learn skills to survive in the wilderness such as lighting fires, roasting marshmallows and working together to tie knots. Finally, you can make your own fruit smoothie with choices of apple, kiwi, banana, grape and many more.

There are even more prizes from the PEBLES cupboard. Prizes like Lego make your own movie kit, lanyards and even play station, Xbox and Nintendo gift cards. Other prizes include calculators, Pie face game, RC Helicopter, charging cable, water bottles, computer mouse and you can even get deodorant and shower gel too.

Ms Phipps has also added an Easter prize draw for anyone who would like to win chocolate Easter eggs and the best part is that anyone can enter as many times as they like.  When I interviewed Ms Phipps about the new PEBLES cupboard she said “PEBLES means Prizes!”

The new PEBLES cupboard will improve the school and will make earning prizes more interesting and exciting. Students are excited to earn the new and revamped prizes.