Marlow football club is a club in Wycombe for over 16’s, under 16’s, under 14’s and under 12’s. Every Friday we train on different skills and abilities like shooting, dribbling, passing, pace and defending. We also play matches between ourselves and sometimes do penalty shootouts.

First, we get to the training ground in Wycombe and meet up with our teammates. We go into our age groups and start training. Our coaches, Mick and Steve instruct us to take part in Bulldog. Bulldog is a training drill where it starts off with 3-5 defenders and the rest of the club are attackers. The attackers have a ball each and have to get passed the defenders and get to the other side of the pitch. If the defender gets the ball off of you, you’ll join the defender’s team. Last man still attacking wins. When we’ve finish bulldog, we get sorted into 2 teams and play a match. The last time I trained, I scored 1 goal and got 3 assists. If we have time after the match we do a penalty shootout for fun. 

This is what some of the teammates think of Marlow football club. George who plays for Marlow football club says “it pushes my skills and abilities and what I’m worth on the field.” Jake, who plays as a striker for Marlow football club, said “I love playing with my mates and score loads of goals!”

Marlow football club is a very cool football club and it’s lots of fun! We are playing a tournament soon, wish us luck so we can win!