Every year Stony Dean School hold a summer, Christmas and Easter show. These shows give students the opportunity to perform musical talents to the school. It can be anything from singing, playing an instrument or dancing.

Every year the shows are run by Mr Edwards. He runs the music club, where students practice all year round, in order to prepare for the show.

“I think the music clubs and the shows enable students to express themselves and develop their confidence.” Nigel Edwards – Teacher.

A very committed student, Jack, from year 13, has participated in the shows and music club since year 7. He helps Mr Edwards run music club and organise the show. He’s known for singing the sausage roll songs by LadBaby for the Christmas shows and other songs throughout the year. It’s his last performance this year and he’s promised to make it the biggest yet!

“I enjoy doing the show because I enjoy helping others and I love music. I feel sad that it’s my last show. I wish I could stay here and do it forever!” Jack – year 13 student.

The whole school is welcome to the shows and students perform in a set order. It’s very exciting to see different musical talents, which would have remained unnoticed. The students that participate put loads of work into rehearsals, therefore it’s a huge moment for them, as well as those supporting. Some choose to form collaborations, and others go solo. It never fails at bringing the school together.

This year’s show is being held on the 30th of March. We can expect a big show and can’t wait to see what it brings!