I went to Odeon Deluxe Cinema in Aylesbury to see The Super Mario Bros Movie. I thought that this was the best film I have ever seen. Odeon offers the Fanciest experience when watching films. It offers comfy recliners for leaning back, trays to put your snacks on. The speaker audio will burst out and surround you like an immersive dark ride.

When I was getting tickets for the film, Odeon had a special limited time snack for it. The Level 1 up combo. It came with a collectible question mark popcorn tin, mixed salt and sweet popcorn with choice of smarties, Oreo or reese’s inside it, a large coke zero from the Coke a cola freestyle Dispenser and for lunch I had a hot dog with ketchup. Best off all I used their gift cards to order the snacks.

When I walked inside screen 2 I sat back relaxed and watched the adverts play. SPOILER ALERT! See the film before you read this! Charles Martinet the original voice of Mario and Luigi actually makes a cameo appearance as a man playing on a jump man arcade machine.

Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri did a great job at making the film. The designs of the characters are very impressive. The Cast of film are very amazing. With great actors like Chris Pratt and Jack Black. The Film did a great of job of all the Mario Easter eggs. For example, Pauline as a reporter from Super Mario Odyssey. Things that were shown from the Mario games were the rainbow road from Mario kart as well as the NES or named the Family computer in Japan.

This is one of the most comedic films ever made. If you go and see this you will enjoy it.

As Mario says Wahoo!