During the Easter break, I went to Cineworld, High Wycombe, to watch Dungeons and Dragons. I went with my mum and younger brother. Firstly, we purchased some snacks before entering the screening. The staff were friendly and the view was amazing. It was dark and quiet, setting the mood. I didn’t know much about the film beforehand, therefore I didn’t know what to expect, but it definitely didn’t disappoint.

The film was so engrossing, I forgot where I was and struggled to look away from the screen. The tension never died and the storyline was incredible. At the high-tension moments, you could feel the room breathe.   

“It was a great family film, I would recommend it for all ages” – Melanie Dean

“It was an exciting plot, with funny characters” – Lucien Ritchie

The characters were hilarious. They were all unique, with different personalities and backgrounds. They told the story flawlessly and it didn’t fail at leaving the audience craving more.

The snacks were tasty and the seats were comfortable. The screening was quiet, therefore there was loads of space.

I would highly recommend going to Cineworld, I think it’s a wonderful cinema. I loved the view in reception and the layout of the whole cinema. They had advertisements of other films on the walls in the corridor, which I looked at as I was leaving. I would definitely come back, especially since they lured me in with the other films!

The film was just terrific! It was one of the few films, which I would watch again. It was very well done and a great fantasy film to watch.