During the Easter holidays we went to Heathrow airport to watch plane activity.  

First, we left from our home for a 1-hour drive to Heathrow airport. We only had 1 mile left of the journey to Heathrow but then we heard a bang, we pulled over and we had a flat tire! The AA arrived and they put a new tire on to get us to the hotel that we were staying at. We got to the hotel at last and the AA staff member put the old flat tyre back on.

We got to the Renascence Hotel and it looked amazing. The reception called a mechanic for us so we can get a new tyre. We got to our room and the view was amazing to see the runway.  We paid extra so we can get the executive lounge, there was an amazing seating area, infinite food and drinks, they serve breakfast in the morning and even hot food and alcohol in the evenings. 

The first day we stayed at the hotel and looked at planes from the hotel and they are really close. When we were trying to sleep we could hear planes taking off but we got to sleep in the end.

The second day we walked for over an hour to go to a plane spotting place. The planes literally go over our heads! We got back to the hotel via bus as we couldn’t be bothered to walk back. We got back to the hotel and went to the lounge and have a soft drink and some food.

The third and last day at the hotel we went for our last breakfast at the lounge and went to an aviation shop to get a model plane and some pins. We checked out the hotel and went home.

The reason why I went to Heathrow is because I like watching planes land and take-off. When I leave school, I would like to be cabin crew when I’m older. I recommend going if you like planes.