A letter from one of our readers this week.

A film studios fantasy?

I always have a wry chuckle at the CGI generated photos that you usually show (see last week’s edition) alongside articles about the Marlow Film Studio, accompanied by the caption: “How Marlow Film Studios could look”.

That sunny tree lined piazza with beautiful flowerbeds and surrounded by what look like welcoming shops and cafes.

I often enjoy a few moments of wondering idly who those fortunate people might be.

Those two young chaps wearing shorts on the left foreground, for Young people from a Bucks special school have given their advice to the new King as they created artwork to mark the coronation.

A group from Year 13 at Stony Dean Secondary School in Amersham shared what they would do if they were King “I would give up the castles and give them to the homeless. I’d also give money to schools and the NHS,” said Callum.

Leo would “...encourage peace amongst the countries”, while Patrick would, “Let schools have sweets!”

The Inspiration Programme lead Tracy Palmer explained: “I chose this coronation art activity to get the students thinking about how the subjects of art and culture are linked to the monarchy and the upcoming coronation of King Charles III.

The aim of the activity to create a larger team image out of four individual quarter paintings was to develop key skills of teamwork, communication, patience and creativity – all skills they can use as they progress after school into society and start to get jobs.” example.

Have they strolled round from Little Marlow to grab a coffee perhaps, or buy a Star Wars computer game from the well-stocked shop? The young person in the wheelchair talking earnestly to an older man who is perhaps a famous director.

Have they popped out for a moment to bask in the sun during a break from classes in the Education Hub?

The couple sitting on the low flowerbed wall with what look like backpacks on.

Perhaps walkers on the nearby footpath who have strolled in hoping to catch a glimpse of Tom Cruise between takes?

The buildings look very attractive and only two storey with a well designed broken roof line.

They could be a shopping mall in any large town, or possibly how Liston Mall in Marlow might look like in the future.

What a lovely vision of inclusiveness and openness to the local community!

Then, of course, I pull myself back to reality. The site will actually be surrounded by 6 foot high fences topped with barbed wire.

Security cameras will be everywhere with intimidating security guards glaring suspiciously at walkers on the footpaths, who dare to pause for a moment to reflect on the open green lung that used to be there.

That piazza will be full of technicians and backroom workers, mostly experienced foreign nationals, catching a quick coffee and a cigarette before rushing to their taxi or the multi-storey car parks to drive to Pinewood or the airport for their next urgent assignment.

That education hub, cynically included to garner support from our local education community.

I predict it will never be built or, if it is, will be an early victim of cost cutting when the inevitable downturn in the industry takes place and Dido’s shareholders start worrying about their profits.

I presume those CGI photos have been provided by Dido’s PR department.

In the interests of balance, why not ask those talented people at Save Marlow’s Greenbelt to provide their CGI generated photos of what the two 750 space multi-storey car parks and the skyscraper-sized sound stage will look like.

Better still if you want independent evidence, take a few photos at Pinewood or the new studio next to the M4 outside Reading to illustrate how these studios really appear on the ground.

That is, if you can see over the high fences that surround them or get past the barriers at the entrance! I suggest that two sets of photos could be published alternately whenever you carry an article about the studio.

Geoff Wood, Marlow