Here is a letter from a reader: 

Dr Richard Peters, Chairman of the Wycombe Conservative Association

West Wycombe Road, High Wycombe, Bucks HP12 3AE

I am writing to correct Emma Reynolds' statement reported in the Bucks Free Press that there is cross-party support for a Town Council. 

Last time we checked, over half of local Councillors were against it. 

Their main objection is that replacing the existing High Wycombe Town Committee with a Town Council will increase their constituents' council tax.

Emma would be better advised to engage in and support the High Wycombe Town Committee.

In case of further confusion arising from Emma’s statements, I would also like to clarify that we no longer have a County Council. 

Buckinghamshire County Council and the District Councils (including Wycombe District Council) were replaced by a single Unitary Authority, Buckinghamshire Council, in April 2020.