A letter from one of our readers this week. 

A few weeks ago we were involved in a horrendous collision on the M40 by the Wycombe East exit. 

Boys were racing BMWs at very high speeds, weaving in and out of cars and finally coming across immediately in front of us, hitting the barrier and flying over us, causing thousands of pounds of damage to our car with gravel and bits of the car hitting us.  It continued to crash into the other barrier, rolling over and finally came to a stop.  

We were lucky to get away with our lives although extremely shocked by the after-effects which continue to plague us.  Several friends have also seen this dangerous racing down the M40 and A404, fortunately without fatal consequences.

I would ask everyone who witnesses this dangerous irresponsible behaviour to immediately report it to the police, so hopefully they will stop this happening. 

If you can accurately record the number plate or have a Dash-Cam please ensure this is clearly reported.  There will be no repercussions once reported but it will save lives.