I interviewed Gemma Morgans, who is the Head of English at Stony Dean School about the brand new library that will be with us soon. We asked her everything from storage of the books to our brilliant new mural! The new library has been the talk of the school and everyone has been keen to find out more.

What is the plan?

“Our aim is to create a quiet and calm space where students who love to read can come.” – Gemma Morgans.

I think that this is a really good idea because when you love books, it can hard to find a quiet reading space in the hustle and bustle of the school. The new library opens up lots of opportunities, from allowing those who love reading to enjoy a nice book to helping students who struggle with reading to practice.

Where will the library be?

“The library will be placed in the new block, where most of our English lessons take place!” – Gemma Morgans.

This is the perfect place to locate a library in our school as it is so easy to get to and means everyone can enjoy the space and the books!

What books will be in the library?

“We have had lots of generous donations from parents and staff, so we have a big range of books! We are always looking for more books that capture the interest of our students.”

A big variety of books is a good idea because it allows everyone to find and read something they like. We are very grateful for the kindness of those who have given our school donations, thank you!

When can students use it?

“Each year group will be allotted a time to use the library during registration and form times. We have the opportunity for a library lunch club and potentially for lessons to take place in the library. We are also looking for student volunteers to be librarians!”

I think it is very important for students to have a lot of access to the library because it gives the opportunity for students to read for pleasure or help them learn about interesting topics to them. The opportunity for students to become librarians is also a good thing because it allows trusted and passionate students to get involved!

Closing statement

“We are all very excited to have our new library set up and we hope to create a calm, quiet space to allow our students to explore their love of reading and expose themselves to new genres that they may not have tried before!”

In conclusion, I think the Stony Dean library will be the best library I have ever seen, and the whole school is looking forward to seeing the outcome from generous donations and the hard work of students and staff!