When you imagine schools, you picture the teachers. They take years out of their lives to make lessons for students. They sometimes don’t have enough time to rest after school. We should appreciate teachers who would take their time out to educate us well for exams.

Stony Dean has loads of superb teachers who teach awesome lessons. Teachers would support a person when they are down. I’m going to interview 3 teachers that have supported and helped me.

I interviewed my favorite teacher first. She teaches me English and she’s the most supportive teacher ever: Ciara Keighran.

What are the best things about being a teacher?

“Supporting students to reach the best of their ability and make them feel happy and comfortable in school”.

What made you choose to become an English teacher?

“I think that reading and writing is important skill to learn. And I love reading books!”

Next, I interviewed Derek Brameld, he was my year 10 form tutor and learning for life teacher. He teaches PE and is the head of L4L.

What makes teaching hard?

“Teaching is very rewarding for pupils who want to learn and progress. Sometimes the challenge is various behaviours and difficulties pupils have at our school. Yet this is why I enjoy my job – so a doubled edged sword really!”

Then, I asked what makes teaching rewarding?

“Seeing pupils succeed and have fun, watching them grow into young adults. ”

Finally, I interviewed my form tutor and a math’s teacher, Brandon Bryan.

How did you feel when you started teaching for the first time?

“I felt anxious at first beginning a new chapter of my life and also the anxiety of having a variety of classes to get to know and teach. The moment I began teaching however all of those anxieties left and I enjoyed it straight away.”

What are the positives of being a teacher?

“You get to educate young people and teach them good values, it is a lot of fun and get to have so many laughs.”

The reason why I chose these teachers is because they would know if I am upset or if something has happened that has made me angry they would be concerned. They would support me and help me by making things easy for me. They would work so hard, that’s why teachers deserve respect.