Stony Dean School would be nothing without it’s awesome LSA’s! They help the students with a wide range of needs on a daily basis. They go through so much stress but yet they still help out people. They don’t get a lot of praise usually by students.

I interviewed one of my favourite LSA’s, Jasmit Khurana. I asked her what being an LSA is like.

“It is challenging but rewarding at the same time”

Then I asked her what made you become an LSA.

“It suited me with the time, I enjoy working with younger adults”.

I also interviewed Penny Dale who is another LSA and I asked her two questions.  I asked her what is the challenges of being an LSA.

“The challenges are not knowing why a student is having bad day.”

Then I asked her what qualities do you need for being an LSA.

“You need to be patient, understanding, kind, caring, treating everyone fairly and you need to be adaptable.”

Mrs Khurana would support me every time I would feel down. She would help me if I had a problem. She would try to make most lessons fun. When I first joined Stony Dean School, I felt a bit nervous. Then I met the brilliant Mrs Khurana, she helped me settle in and she helped me with anything I struggled with.

LSA’s work really hard for the students. They collect printed sheets for the teachers, they sometimes laminate the printed sheets. They give it to the teachers and they ask teachers if they need more help. I think LSA’s need more recognition because they work hard for teachers and students but people talk less about them. I would like to thank all LSA’s for giving their time to help with this article!