A poem written by one of our Marlow readers.

I wrote this poem 25 years ago and my feelings have not changed. On behalf of all my 65 neighbours on Westhorpe Park Estate, we do not wish to have our lives changed by a huge movie concern ruining our way of life.

Mon Repose

I am a park home owner,

and never rue the day

I turned from bricks and mortar

to move here one fine May.

Our homes are set among green fields

with animals galore,

pheasants, rabbits, ducks and geese,

a stone's throw from my door.

The neighbours have become my friends,

we look out for each other,

we socialise and have a laugh,

and nothing is a bother.

I recommend this carefree life,

away from stress and strife,

to live with nature all around,

'retirement' has a lovely sound.

Betty Winch, Marlow