Debbie Mulcahy who is a R.E. teacher at Stony Dean School, has organised a project. It is a Christmas gift in a shoe box for children around the world who are struggling with money.

I interviewed her and asked her questions about the project.

What are the Christmas boxes?

“The Christmas boxes are gifts for children who are in poverty all over the world. They lack basic resources such as food and water, so it’s a big treat for them.”

Why do you want our school to do this?

“I think it’s a really important lesson for the students at Stony Dean, it teaches us to have empathy for others.”

What can you include and what can’t you include?

“We don’t want to give anything that can go off or liquid. We also try to keep them suitable for their age group. We love gifts that are both practical and playful.”

Where does it go and who gets them?

“The shoe boxes are about treating everyone around the world with compassion. We are all equal.”

The charity that deliver the boxes to kids around the world is called Samaritans. They also teach children about god and give them hope. They are an amazing charity and I would highly recommend helping them, every time a child opens a box their faces light up. They deliver the shoe boxes in many creative ways. It’s one of the most wholesome ways to make the world a better place.